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Lavender is a commonly grown herb plant that is known for its fragrant aroma. This easy-care plant enjoys hot,dry conditions which makes it suitable for use in a variety of landscape settings and its an exellent candidate for areas prone to drought. Here is some basic information you might need to get started with your lavender!

There are two main types of lavender: English (Lavandula Angustifolia) which is the most common type. It is often considered the best smelling as well. It is great for gardening hedges, potpourri, and for essential oils. Their blooming period is mid June to late July and the varieties include Royal Velvet, Buena Vista, Betty’s Blue, Melissa, Folgate, and Munstead. The second type is Lavandin(Lavandula x Intermedia) which is recommended for producing commercial oil and dried bundles. Their blooming period is Early July to late August and the varieties include Hidcote Giant, Seal, Grosso, Provence, Super, and White Spike.

Lavender needs bright sunlight and will grow best in light to sandy, well drained soils. Each plant should be spaced 2-3ft apart depending on the variety and 3-6ft in between rows.

The best time is when buds have formed on the plant but flowers have not yet opened. You will want to cut a few inches above the woody growth. The best tool would be a curved harvesting knife.

To dry,hang your bundles upside down in a warm dry and dark spot(garage or closet). After 2-4 weeks or until your bundle is completetly dry, you can shake or gently rub lavender buds into a jar to store ina cool dark place.

Drench thoroughly when watering and allow soil to become slightly dry between watering. Overwatering and allowing the soil to stay constantly moist may cause root rot. Lavender may recover from lack of water but too much water can ultimately kill your plant.

The answer depends on what you are looking for in your lavender. Provence is easy to remove buds from stem. If you are looking for a strong camphor scent, you will want to try Grosso. Royal Velvet will give you a sweet scent. Finally, Buena Vista will have a nice classic lavender scent.

Provence is used for meats and savories.Royal Velvet is nice in desserts.Betty's Blue has a gentle lavender flavor and Buena Vista is soft enough for desserts and teas.

Grosso is considered highest oil producing lavender with strongest scent.Royal Velvet will have a sweeter floral fragrance.

Properly dried lavender will generally stay at best quality for about 2-3years. TIP: Gently press on the buds of your bundle to release more of its scent.

English lavender tends to offer a better opportunity for bees to have regular diet of lavender pollen and nectar because it blooms either continously or multiple times.

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